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Project SENSOR embraces interviews with experts in various fields, in which we contemplate on changes brought about by the presence of technology in our daily life. It concentrates on innovatory and creative use of technology in social and artistic activities. It explores better versions of future and worlds, in which we would want to immerse physically, sensually, and mentally.

Project’s goal is to analyse culture of a society, educated with creative use of technology. It questions cyberfeminism, hacktivism, creative coding, algorithms, tracking and future of social media. SENSOR presents different ways of designing cyber worlds, applications, and interfaces, including for collective action and sustainable development.The starting point for the project were grassroot activities, organized by new media artists. That is why they are the subject of the first series of interviews (under an art scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw).

Project: Weronika M. Lewandowska

Internet is cool, but still, it never gives me what matter does - Krzysztof Goliński. We want to make Internet and virtual space queerer, to feminize it and to build a safe environment - Marta Nawrot. (…) in today’s reality the concept of virtuality needs redefinition - Roch Forowicz.


Discussions on creative use of technology in artistic and social activity. The first series compriseinterviews with new media artists involved in self-organized exhibitions and cultural life . Possibility of making above-mentioned interviews came under an art scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw.

sensor podcast

SENSOR podcast tries to develop creative thinking in technology. This podcast offers information abouttechnological transformation of the senses and imagination, or cyber dimension of the body and culture.It reveals you the magical codes for programming interaction, hacking activity, and designing cyberworlds. Its topics include the study of a new media bottom-up initiative.

Broaden your perception. Listen to how technology changes art, culture, society, politics, and marketing. In the first series interviews were given by new media artists.



We are talking about technology that change us every day. We are developing the language of the future. We would love to talk to you.

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Project by Weronika M. Lewandowska under an art scholarship of the Capital City of Warsaw